Colonial aims to 'substantially' restore pipeline operations by end of week 

Colonial aims to 'substantially' restore pipeline operations by end of week 
© Courtesy Colonial Pipeline

The Colonial Pipeline Company said that it hopes to “substantially” restore the operations of its pipeline by the end of the week following a ransomware attack that led to its shutdown. 

It said in a statement that segments of the Colonial Pipeline, which transports oil from Texas to the East Coast, are being “brought back online in a stepwise fashion” and that its plan will take a “phased approach” for returns to service. 

“This plan is based on a number of factors with safety and compliance driving our operational decisions, and the goal of substantially restoring operational service by the end of the week,” the statement said, noting that the company will provide updates on its progress. 


The company also said that the federal government’s moves to exempt motor carriers and drivers from hours limitations is expected to “help alleviate local supply disruptions.”

Colonial announced over the weekend that it would shut down the 5,500 mile-pipeline after a ransomware attack breached its IT system. It did so to prevent the attackers from accessing its operational technology. 

The pipeline supplies about 45 percent of the East Coast’s fuel supply. Analysts told The Hill on Monday that the impacts of the shutdown would depend on how long the pipeline’s main segment remains offline.