At least 130 dead as severe flooding hits India

At least 130 dead as severe flooding hits India
© PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP via Getty Images

At least 130 are dead after severe flooding in India, officials in the country said on Saturday.

Around 136 people are confirmed to be dead after monsoon rain hit the country causing massive flooding and landslides, officials said, CNN reported.

One landslide in the country went through a small village and killed 38 people, government officials said. 


A person from the country’s Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation department told CNN there were also 90,000 people evacuated from their homes due to the rain and more than 10 people trapped after a landslide.

Nine more landslides killed 59 people in parts of Maharashtra while 15 were killed from accidents caused by the rain.

"Unexpected very heavy rainfall triggered landslides in many places and flooded rivers," Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, the head of Maharashtra's state government, said.

"Dams and rivers are overflowing. We are forced to release water from dams, and, accordingly, we are moving people residing near the river banks to safer places," he added.

Monsoon season is hitting many countries with China having to evacuate millions due to the rain.

The Philippines are evacuating thousands on Saturday while struggling to maintain coronavirus social distancing rules in emergency shelters.

More than 180 are also dead in Germany and Belgium due to flooding.