World's largest tree undamaged so far from fire

World's largest tree undamaged so far from fire
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The world’s largest tree has so far remained unscathed from a wildfire raging through Sequoia National Park.

General Sherman, which is more than 2,000 years old, stands 275 feet tall and has a base diameter of 36 feet, is threatened by two fires raging through Sequoia National Forest. 

The combined fires, known as the KNP Complex, were caused by a lightning strike on Sept. 10. The fires have burned 21,773 acres as they have been propelled by high wind gusts.



Fire-resistant aluminum blanket wrapping has been used to protect the General Sherman Tree and other nearby sequoias.

“All the protections in the Giant Forest are going really well,” Southern Area Blue Team’s operations sections chief, Jon Wallace, told the Los Angeles Times on Sunday. “Firefighters are really working hard up in there to contain that fire.”

The Times reported that walking trails within the park have enabled firefighters to battle the blaze, and that sprinklers near the General Sherman tree and the park's museum have run nonstop to protect it. 

The General Sherman is considered the largest known tree in the world by volume.