Pope calls on lawmakers to 'narrow' partisan politics to fight climate change

Pope calls on lawmakers to 'narrow' partisan politics to fight climate change
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Pope FrancisPope FrancisInvestigators say Pope Benedict knew about abused children while Munich archbishop Pope says prison inmates should not be deprived of hope Top Vatican official, aide test positive for COVID-19 MORE on Saturday called on lawmakers to forgo what he called “narrow” partisan politics and fight climate change ahead of the annual United Nations climate conference. 

“To meet this challenge, everyone has a role to play,″ Francis told lawmakers from multiple countries, The Associated Press reported. “That of political and government leaders is especially important, and indeed crucial.”

“This demanding change of direction will require great wisdom, foresight and concern for the common good: in a word, the fundamental virtues of good politics,″ he added. 


The “narrow confines” of politics need to be overcome for climate change, Francis said. The annual climate conference is set to start on Oct. 31 in Scotland. 

Francis previously said he would be at the COP26 conference but recently backed out with no explanation, according to the AP. However, the pope did have intestinal surgery in July and is still recovering.

The speech Saturday comes after Francis and other religious leaders signed a climate appeal on Monday. 

"We have inherited a garden; we must not leave a desert to our children," the appeal states. 

Francis has been an active advocate for work on climate change, recently praising young activists who have put pressure on world leaders to take action. 

“This vision is capable of challenging the adult world, for it reveals that you are prepared not only for action, but also for patient listening, constructive dialogue and mutual understanding,” Francis said in a video to the activists.