White House confirms plan for provisional targets at Copenhagen talks

• The briefing backs up what State Department climate envoy Todd Stern said over the weekend [link here to the weekend post citing the Guardian story]: U.S. negotiators plan to offer a provisional domestic emissions-cutting target in the absence of a final U.S. law. Look for it to reflect what the House and Senate are mulling.
The House passed a big climate bill in June that requires U.S. emissions cuts of 17 percent by 2020. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved a 20 percent reduction by 2020. “Without getting specific, I think we’re cognizant of what’s passed the House, we’re in close touch with what is being worked on in the Senate, and we’ll try and craft a submission that reflects where we think we can come out,” an official said.
•  An announcement about whether President Obama will attend the summit is expected “in the coming days.”