More praise, criticism greets Obama’s Copenhagen plan

But Swedish Minister for the Environment Andreas Carlgren mixed praise with disappointment. Sweden holds the rotating presidency of the European Union.
He's concerned about Obama's planned 2020 emissions cut of 17 percent, although he noted "value" in plans for ongoing reductions in the decade thereafter. U.S. officials and congressional Democrats pushing cap-and-trade bills are eyeing cuts of 42 percent in 2030 and ultimately 83 percent by 2050.
"I regret that the level of emissions reductions up to 2020 is not higher, as previous estimates indicate that it is possible for the USA to do more. We will analyze what the offer means and the possibilities for the USA to achieve greater emissions reductions, for example by means of further action against deforestation and in developing countries,” Carlgren said.
Obama plans to attend the talks on Dec. 9. The summit runs from Dec. 7-18, and Carlgren said he had hoped Obama would show up for the heads of state meeting at the end of the conference.
The New York Times gathered some other European reaction as well.