The U.S. and China: Who will blink?

“Their error is no minor academic skirmish: their criticism provides cover for the opponents of climate change action in the United States, and risks blocking effective climate action,” he writes in a commentary posted Tuesday.

Who can solve this? The U.S. Senate, if the Copenhagen negotiators set the table right, argues Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund. A U.S. emissions-cutting law is moving slowly in the Senate following House approval in late June.

“Absent U.S. Senate action, China and India are only willing to limit emissions per unit of economic growth. Under that formulation, their total emissions could still increase. It remains to be seen whether the heads of state gathered at Copenhagen will see far enough ahead to create openings in the framework that would enable nations to embrace firmer commitments in the future,” he writes in a Wall Street Journal column.