Chu uses Facebook to defend White House nukes push

Chu said he agreed with commenters that expressed support for renewable energy, and he touted funding for wind and solar projects in the 2009 stimulus law.

“But no single technology will provide all of the answers. Wind and solar now provide about 3 percent of our electricity, compared to 20 percent for nuclear. While we are working at hard as we can to promote energy efficiency in every part sector of America, it is likely that our energy demand will continue to rise,” Chu wrote Monday.

“In fact, the Energy Information Administration projects an almost 20 percent increase in overall energy demand and over 30 percent increase in electricity demand over the next 25 years under current laws. If we want to make a serious dent in carbon dioxide emissions -- not to mention having cleaner air and cleaner water -- then nuclear power has to be on the table,” he added.