Geithner: Job growth getting stronger

The growth of the job market is still going to take some time despite signs of a steadily growing economy, a top administration official said Thursday. 

"The economy has been growing now for four quarters, and you've seen in the last five to six months a pretty steady gradual increase in the amount of jobs the private sector is creating and all the indicators suggest that its getting stronger," Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Thursday in a CNBC interview. 

"Now, it's not going to be even, it's not going to be steady, it's still going to take awhile."

Jobs numbers for May will be out Friday morning and are expected to reflect a more than 500,000 job gain, although many of those jobs are tied to temporary hiring for the Census. 

An increase in consumer confidence should continue to bolster the strength of the private sector and private demand and investment, he said. 

"You're seeing that starting to translate into longer hours worked, more jobs created and, therefore, stronger income growth for the average American," Geithner said.