Grassley, Bond express concern about stimulus spending on public housing

Bond said he is concerned that resources aren't being put to the best use, such as investing in projects that will address the huge backlog of public housing capital needs.

HUD has agreed to post Public Housing Assessment System scores on its website, Grassley said.  

Grassley and Bond have also requested that HUD post the following information on its website: Location of the housing authority; fiscal year that the housing authority was designated as troubled; categorization of the housing authority's problems (troubled, substandard financial, substandard physical, and substandard management); the applicable narrative and corrective plan; total number of units involved; level of concern (high, medium, low); stimulus funding risk level; and amount of stimulus funding awarded to housing authority.

“When families across the nation are still struggling to pay bills and put food on the table, the Administration owes Americans answers on why they chose to gamble with taxpayer dollars on risky organizations,” Bond said.