If extenders fails, Senate will move to small biz bill

If Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) cannot get the 60 votes he needs to advance the so-called tax extenders bill, he is expected to bring up a small business package containing loan provisions and tax breaks, sources told The Hill. 

"Our package is being finalized as we speak," a Senate Small Business spokesperson told The Hill. "We're making some last minute adjustments to it working with Senator Snowe... We're hoping to have a final package by the end of the week." 

So far, it remains unclear if Reid will have the votes he needs to move the extender bill, several sources told The Hill. 

The small business bill that is expected to be brought forward will include several provisions expanding Small Business Administration loans. Tax provisions created by the Senate Finance Committee are expected to be merged into the package. Some provisions in the failed extender bill could also be included.