Camp makes case for repeal of healthcare law

Camp called the new healthcare law "unacceptable," but said the old system was as well. 

"Spending $1 trillion more on health care, as the Democrats' new law does, didn't reduce health care costs. In fact, it will only make matters worse," he said. 

McDonald's, Boeing, 3M and others "have cited the law as a reason for shifting more health care costs onto their workers or possibly eliminating coverage altogether," he said.

Meanwhile, small businesses have expressed concern over 1099 filing requirements. The White House, along with congressional Democrats and Republicans, are likely to change or eliminate the requirement. 

President Obama said last week that if provision will be burdensome to small businesses, then it should be fixed or changed. 

"Because of the new mandates in the Democrats' law, insurance companies have stopped offering plans in many parts of the country, forcing hundreds of thousands of Americans to lose their coverage," Camp said. 

"Meanwhile, some health care providers, particularly hospitals, are already considering closing their doors or consolidating, limiting choice and potentially driving costs up. Sadly, this was all predicted."