News bites: Portuguese turmoil

Portugal's government has fallen apart after its parliament rejected a budget-cutting plans, stoking fears the nation could require an international bailout.

White House Chief of Staff William Daley is recusing himself from the hunt for a director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Ten former chairmen of the President's Council of Economic Advisers are calling on Congress to use the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction plan as the foundation for serious fiscal talks.

Earmarks can still be found in short-term spending bills, even after Republicans vowed to end the practice.

Connecticut's governor is proposing $1.5 billion in new taxes to help tackle a $3.3 billion budget gap.

New data shows U.S. orders for long-lasting products unexpectedly fell in February.

Toyota is hoping to resume work on hybrids in Japan soon, as Honda extends closures at some factories.