Dem senator: Debt deal should focus on spending, not taxes

The comments from Nelson, who faces a potentially difficult reelection campaign in 2012, come as other Democrats in Washington are continuing to push for fresh revenues in any debt deal. The Senate is expected to vote this week on a nonbinding resolution that calls for taxpayers with yearly incomes of $1 million and above to play a bigger role in reducing deficits.


For their part, top GOP lawmakers have stressed that entitlement spending should be reined in under any deficit agreement. President Obama, in announcing that he was inviting top lawmakers from both parties to the White House on Thursday, said that domestic, military and entitlement spending all need to be examined, as do certain tax credits and deductions. 

Nelson’s release says the senator does not support an approach that “balances the budget on the backs of seniors,” and also declares that “raising taxes at a time when our economy remains fragile takes us in the wrong direction.”

With less than a month to go until the debt-ceiling deadline, the senator also called on negotiators on both sides of the aisle to get serious.  

“As usual in Washington these days, there are too many games being played,” he said. “They rival what you can buy at Toys-R-Us.”