Taxpayer groups divided on support for Gang of Six plan

The Gang of Six deficit reduction plan got a shot in the arm Wednesday when Taxpayers for Common Sense gave it an endorsement

"We recognize that this plan is not perfect and antagonizes many constituencies on both the left and the right, but we cannot afford to spare the sacred cows. It tackles spending, it tackles tax expenditures and tax reform, and it tackles entitlement programs. There are mechanisms to force votes on the savings proposals and sequence the reform efforts," group President Ryan Alexander wrote in a letter to senators.

The statement was in marked contrast to the National Taxpayers Union, which blasted the plan as empty.


It is urging passage of the 'cut, cap and balance' plan that would cut spending by at least $6 trillion in a decade without any new revenues. That plan has no chance of passage in this Congress.

“The Gang of Six is just a rehash of the President’s failed Fiscal Commission plan: a multi-trillion dollar tax hike with uncertain spending reforms,” NTU Vice President for Government Affairs Andrew Moyla noted. “Republicans have now passed a compromise in the House that raises the debt ceiling in exchange for structural budget reform: ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance,’ which is the only plan that will put our nation on a path to fiscal responsibility without raising taxes.” 

The Gang of Six plan is a six-page outline that calls for $3.7 trillion in deficit reduction over a decade. The 'cut, cap and balance' plan passed the House on Tuesday with 234 mostly GOP votes.