DeMint blasts both Dem and GOP debt plans


House Speaker John BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerSam Johnson: Fighter for the greater good Bottom line Bottom line MORE (R-Ohio) put forward a proposal Monday that would raise the debt ceiling by up to $1 trillion while making future increases conditional on a future deficit-reduction plan, as well as a vote on a balanced-budget amendment.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry Mason ReidMurkowski, Mattis criticism ratchets up pressure on GOP over Trump Cortez Masto says she's not interested in being Biden VP Nevada congressman admits to affair after relationship divulged on podcast MORE (D-Nev.) parried with his own package, consisting of $2.7 trillion in spending cuts and no increases in revenue.

DeMint maintained that the only package he is supporting is the "cut, cap and balance" plan that was passed by the House but shot down in the Senate.

"The bipartisan House-passed Cut, Cap & Balance is the only plan on the table that will ensure we keep our AAA rating and the only plan that will ever allow us to pay down our debt instead of perpetually increasing it," he said.

Meanwhile, blasted Reid's plan, calling instead for a package that includes revenue increases such as ending tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy.

"MoveOn members, and the great majority of Americans agree that any serious attempt to address the deficit and get our economy back on track must ask those at the top to pay their fair share — and that we must not reduce the deficit on the backs of the middle class and the poor," the liberal group said in a statement.

Watch DeMint below.