Former interim IRS chief lands private sector gig

Danny Werfel, the interim IRS commissioner for much of 2013, has landed at the Boston Consulting Group, the firm announced Monday.

Werfel held down one of the more thankless positions in the federal government last year, working to put the IRS on firmer footing after the agency was rocked by controversy over the improper scrutiny given to Tea Party groups.

That experience will serve Werfel well in his new role as a director in Boston Consulting’s public sector practice, where he will offer clients advice on how to improve organizational efficiency.

Werfel said in a statement that “BCG can help solve the most critical challenges facing our government by drawing on its decades of commercial experience to bring world-class best practices, coupled with a deep understanding of the unique challenges in the public sector.”

Sharon Marcil, the head of BCG’s public sector practice in North America said Werefel’s “ability to deliver results at the highest levels of complex government organizations and drive tangible improvements in areas of organizational and operational effectiveness will be a great asset for our clients."

Werfel said he would explore private-sector opportunities when he left the IRS several months ago, after the Senate confirmed his replacement, John Koskinen.