Bernanke, Paulson to join Geithner on book tour

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s upcoming book tour will reportedly include a few other top veterans of the financial crisis.

The former Treasury secretary will be making appearances as he touts his book with his predecessor, Henry Paulson, as well as former head of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, according to The Associated Press.


Geithner’s book, Stress Test, has been billed as an inside look at the scramble to deal with the financial collapse of 2008 and resulting recession, and a defense of the final result. It is due out May 13.

Geithner, Paulson and Bernanke were all central figures as banks teetered and financial markets roiled. As Paulson wrapped up his stint as Treasury secretary under former President George W. Bush, Geithner served as head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Geithner will appear with Bernanke — who is reportedly penning his own memoir — in Washington on May 22, and with Paulson in Chicago on May 28.

Geithner left public service at the beginning of 2013, and Bernanke stepped down as chairman of the Fed at the beginning of 2014.