Biden: ‘Build, build, build’

Vice President Biden called for an increase in infrastructure spending during a speech Tuesday in Washington, arguing it will spur growth and create jobs.


"Build, build, build, build. ... We built the transcontinental railroad," Biden said at the event, hosted by CG/LA Infrastructure. "The first federal road was built from Washington to Ohio ... [We] built a thing called the Eerie Canal ... ladies and gentlemen, we always have to build. That's who we are."

Biden called it "absolutely brain dead" not to be spending on infrastructure that improves U.S. ports.

"It's like that old line from the baseball movie 'Field of Dreams': 'If you build it, they will come," Biden said. "Invest in these ports and guess what? Manufacturing will come."

Biden spoke at a conference designed to bring together top business leaders in North America to encourage investment in the largest 100 infrastructure projects on the continent.

"Vice President Biden knows infrastructure and is a great spokesman for our industry," said CG/LA President and CEO Norman F. Anderson. "He relates well to this crowd and can speak in their language as few can. We are honored that he took time out of his unimaginably busy schedule to join us."