Poll: GOP plurality opposes shutdown over immigration

A plurality of Republican voters oppose shutting down the government to block President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, according to a Quinnipiac University survey released Tuesday.

Forty-seven percent of GOP voters said they would be against another government shutdown while 44 percent said they would support one.

More than two-thirds of all registered voters, however, oppose shutting down “major activities of the federal government” as a way to block the immigration orders. A quarter of voters, meanwhile, said they would support such a move. 


“Americans seem divided on immigration, but they agree on one thing: They don’t want a government shutdown over President Obama’s action on immigration,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

House GOP leaders are mulling how to respond to Obama’s immigration actions, with most Republicans coalescing around plans that would not result in another government shutdown. 

Late last week, House appropriators raised questions about proposals to defund the executive order, arguing that the agency responsible for implementing it is self-funded through fees, not congressional appropriations.

Congress must pass a new government spending bill by Dec. 12 or risk another shutdown. Appropriators are also deliberating over how much money to allocate to the effort to fight Ebola and for military operations targeting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 

The poll surveyed 1,623 voters between Nov. 18-23 and has a 2.5 percentage point margin of error.