WATCH: EU bank chief attacked in wild confetti protest

A protestor interrupted a European Central Bank press conference Wednesday, jumping on a table in front of ECB President Mario Draghi and showering him with confetti.

Shortly after the beginning of a press event, a single female protester leaped onto the table where Draghi was sitting, scattering papers and throwing confetti, while yelling, “End the ECB dictatorship!” repeatedly.


The woman, who was quickly wrestled away from Draghi by security, was also wearing a shirt that stated, “End the ECB Dick-Tatorship”

Draghi appeared shocked by the abrupt appearance of the protester, but after she was removed, he went on to continue his comments.

It was not immediately clear what motivation was behind the protester’s actions, but there have been high tensions in some parts of Europe, particularly Greece, about the ECB’s policies and its efforts to aid struggling countries.