Bernanke takes advisory role with second financial firm

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is joining the bond fund Pimco as a senior adviser.

The new position marks Bernanke’s second new gig in private finance this month, after agreeing to work for the hedge fund Citadel as an adviser.


But Bernanke told Reuters that he is done taking jobs on Wall Street now, and reiterated that he is not an employee of either firm, nor will he do any government lobbying on their behalf.

"This is it," he said. "There won't be anymore. They (Pimco and Citadel) prefer not having me consult too many firms and I personally think working with two firms will be plenty."

Bernanke also noted that neither Pimco nor Citadel are subject to direct Fed supervision, and he has noted in the past he passed on other finance jobs that would have some Fed overlap.

Bernanke said he would be speaking “broadly about the economy and markets” with the bond fund.