Treasury imposes sanctions on Hezbollah's leadership

“Hizballah’s actions, overseen by Hasan Nasrallah and executed by Mustafa Badr Al-Din and Talal Hamiyah, clearly reveal its true nature as a terrorist and criminal organization.” 

Nasrallah sought to depict Hezbollah "as a social and political party, as well as a resistance movement," Treasury said.  

Yet, Treasury argues that the group consistently uses terrorism against civilian targets, and in recent months, has played an increasingly active role in providing support to Syria's government. 


Syria has been a longstanding supporter of Hezbollah under Assad's regime, specifically providing safe haven to Hezbollah and routing weapons, in many cases from Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon. 

In return, Hezbollah is providing training, advice, and extensive logistical support to Assad's government. 

The designations build on several actions taken by the U.S. government against Hezbollah during the past several years.