House Democrat makes another play for Romney tax records

Levin has said he is crafting legislation that would require presidential candidates to make at least 10 years of returns public, and to specify any outside accounts or capital gains income made from managing the funds of others. 


In addition to Romney’s tax returns, Democrats have also tried to make the case that the former Massachusetts governor’s offshore holdings — in countries like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands — call into question how he would lead the country.

Romney and his campaign have accused President Obama and his allies of trying to use the tax return issue to distract from a sluggish economy, which added less than 100,000 new jobs last month.

The GOP nominee also said last month that he paid at least a 13 percent rate over the last 10 years, and his wife, Ann, has said that releasing more records would only give Democrats more ammunition with which to attack the Romneys.