Audit: IRS should scrap workspace for employees working from home

The inspector general report comes after both President Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush, pressed for the federal government to shed unneeded real estate property. 

In 2010, Obama directed agencies to wring $3 billion in savings by the end of fiscal 2012 by getting rid of excess properties. 

The Treasury report noted that the IRS had already saved millions of dollars through consolidation projects. But it added that the agency had fallen short in coming up with a strategy for consolidating workspace for teleworkers, and urged the IRS to finalize an agreement with the National Treasury Employees Union on the issue.

In their response to the audit, the IRS said that it had agreed with NTEU to start implementing a workspace sharing agreement in fiscal 2013. 

NTEU’s president, Colleen Kelley, called the pact a win-win in a statement of her own, saying “the new agreement expands the numbers of employees eligible for telework and creates a fair formula for workstation sharing for frequent teleworkers.”