Obama convinced Congress will pass TPP trade deal

Obama convinced Congress will pass TPP trade deal
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President Obama is full throttle into his sales pitch of a sweeping Pacific Rim trade agreement, saying that he is convinced Congress will ratify the agreement. 

Obama touted provisions in the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) arguing on Tuesday that the deal will boost U.S. economic growth and provide more opportunities for middle-class families.


"I believe that in the end, the American people will see that it is a win for our workers, our businesses and our middle class," the president said in an op-ed on Bloomberg on Tuesday. 

"And I expect that, after the American people and Congress have an opportunity for months of careful review and consultation, Congress will approve it, and I’ll have the chance to sign it into law," he said. 

The Obama administration has ramped up its efforts to convince Congress and the American public that the deal will lead to more job creation and boost wages since the text of the TPP was released last week, a month after negotiations were completed in Atlanta.

He said the TPP would put into place the "highest labor standards of any trade deal in history," improve worker safety protections, prohibit child labor, protect the environment and combat wildlife trafficking.

"And these commitments are enforceable — meaning we can hold other countries accountable through trade sanctions if they don’t follow through," the president said. 

"So, these tough new rules level the playing field, and when American workers have a fair chance to compete, I believe they’ll win every time," he said.

He noted that exports support 11.7 million American jobs and that "companies that sell their goods around the world tend to grow faster, hire more employees and pay higher salaries than companies that don’t."

"I’ve said many times that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is the right thing for our economy, for working Americans and for our middle class," he said.

"But I’m not asking you to take my word for it."

The president said the TPP deal can be reviewed online — along with materials to explain the agreement — and he is convinced it will show that U.S. products will face fewer barriers and red tape when they sell their products abroad. 

"We’ve taken an economy that was in free fall and returned it to steady growth and job creation," Obama said. "And we’ve put ourselves in a position to restore America’s promise not only now, but for decades to come. That’s what I believe this agreement will help us do."