Tenn. Volkswagen workers vote for union representation

Tenn. Volkswagen workers vote for union representation
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Machinery repair and maintenance workers at Volkswagen’s lone U.S. plant on Friday finalized a vote to be represented in their collective bargaining agreements by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union.
Workers at the automaker’s plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., voted in favor of the move by a 108-44 margin, according to the Associated Press.
Volkswagen objected to the vote, which only applied to 162 skilled-trade workers, arguing all of the plant’s 1,400 workers should have a say in whether they are represented by unions.
The auto manufacturer said it plans to appeal the ruling allowing the vote to the National Labor Relations Board.
“We believe that a union of only maintenance employees fractures our workforce and does not take into account the overwhelming community of interest shared between our maintenance and production employees,” Volkswagen said in a statement.
The UAW was defeated in a vote 20 months ago in an election involving all hourly employees at the plant.
The union said Volkswagen should drop its legal challenge.
“We urge Volkswagen to respect the decision of its employees and recognize the local union as the representative of the skilled trades unit,” said Ray Curry, director of the UAW’s Southern region, at a press conference Friday.