Group uses Valentine's Day to press for tax reform

Group uses Valentine's Day to press for tax reform
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Ahead of Valentine's Day, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) is urging Congress members to keep their love for tax reform alive.

The organization is running a campaign this week called “Love is Patient, Taxpayers Aren't” that is aimed at ensuring that comprehensive tax reform stays a priority for lawmakers and their staff, the group said.


As part of the campaign, TPA is sending eCards to all Congress members and their staff that feature Valentine's Day-themed tax facts. For example, an eCard would say “American Businesses pay between $18-19 billion to comply with taxes. That’s enough to buy nearly 900 million boxes of chocolate,” TPA said.

The campaign also includes Snapchat advertising that allows users to send virtual tax reform-related candy grams and a tax-themed BuzzFeed-style personality quiz.

“Tax reform doesn’t need to be a bad romance between taxpayers and policymakers, Republicans and Democrats,” TPA president David Williams said in a news release. “We know that a key issue for individual voters and businesses alike is comprehensive tax reform. Congress should remain committed to getting it done in 2016.”