Boehner urged to sit on divisive bills while scandals play out


Heritage Action specifically cited the $940 billion farm subsidy and food stamp bill that was approved by the House Agriculture Committee late Wednesday night and the Senate-passed bill to allow state collect taxes on purchases made over the Internet. 

Heritage opposes the farm bill because it wants deeper cuts to food stamps than the $20.5 billion cut in the bill, and opposes the Internet bill as a tax increase.

"Legislation such as the Internet sales tax or the FARM Act which contains nearly $800 billion in food stamp spending, would give the press a reason to shift their attention away from the failures of the Obama administration to write another 'circular firing squad' article," Needham warmed. 

"Make no mistake, principled conservatives will still oppose bad policy if it comes to the floor. Rather than scheduling such legislation for consideration, we urge you to keep the attention focused squarely on the Obama administration," he wrote.