Treasury targets nine linked to Mexican drug cartels

Treasury targets nine linked to Mexican drug cartels
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The Treasury Department on Thursday announced sanctions against nine Mexican nationals linked to two prominent drug cartels, freezing their assets and barring United States individuals and businesses from financial dealings with them.

The nine nationals targeted have assisted Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes and Abigael Gonzalez Valencia, the chiefs of allied Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) and Los Cuinis Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO), respectively.

“Today’s action strikes at the inner circles of CJNG and the Los Cuinis DTO by targeting the complicit family members of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes and Abigael Gonzalez Valencia and other key players in their drug trafficking operations,” said John E. Smith, acting director of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, in a release.


“We will continue to work closely with the Mexican private sector in our efforts to expose, isolate, and disrupt the finances of Mexican cartels.”

Antonio Oseguera Cervantes and Julio Alberto Castillo Rodriguez were sanctioned for supporting CJNG’s narcotics trafficking. Five siblings of Abigael Gonzalez Valencia — Arnulfo, Edgar Eden, Elvis, Marisa Ivette and Noemi Gonzalez Valencia — were also targeted, according to the department.

Fabian Felipe Vera Lopez was sanctioned for supporting Los Cunis DTO, and Maria Teresa Quintana Navarro supported both cartels.

“These designations mark another significant blow to the financiers of CJNG and the Los Cuinis DTO,” said Steve Comer, chief of the  Drug Enforcement Agency’s Los Angeles field division, in a release. “Such efforts reflect the brilliant partnership between DEA Los Angeles and OFAC as we target two of the most prolific and violent drug trafficking organizations in the World.”