Reid will move to shut off farm bill debate


“Many of the amendments filed are not germane and there are multiple objections coming from lots of places,” she added. “We need to move forward and get it done.”

Stabenow said if a time agreement can be reached, Reid will cancel the cloture vote.

“One or the other, we are going to get the bill done,” she said. 

Stabenow said about 20 amendments are non-controversial and could easily pass to improve the bill.

Major disagreements remain such as on attempts to pass payment limitations for crop insurance and to end a catfish inspection program that opponents say distorts free trade with Vietnam.

The chairwoman has already defended her draft text against liberal attempts to reverse $4 billion in food stamp cuts and a conservative attempt to deepen them.

Reid is eager to move the Senate on to tackling rising student loan rates and an immigration overhaul.