IRS chief urges Trump team to consider replacement options

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The head of the IRS said Tuesday it’s in the best interest of Donald Trump’s presidential transition team to act early when mulling options for his potential replacement.
“One of my concerns for a little while has been, whoever won, they need to understand that, no matter what happens, my term runs out next November,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told reporters after an American Institute of CPA’s conference Tuesday.
He said Trump’s team would be best served by making sure they have someone to put through the confirmation process by mid-spring in order to prevent a leadership drop off next November.
Koskinen has been embroiled in controversy over the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status since he started in late 2013. The House has been considering a resolution to have him impeached over his handling of internal emails related to the issue.
Koskinen said the biggest issues for the IRS are budgetary and operational concerns, not policy concerns, which he reiterated would fall under the domain of the Treasury Department.
He said that he hopes meetings with the Trump’s transition team will begin soon.
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