Rand Paul criticizes framework for tax reform plan

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Monday criticized Republican lawmakers’ focus on revenue-neutral tax reform, arguing that Congress should instead pass tax cuts that lower federal revenue and reduce taxes for all Americans.

“Let’s follow the lead of Presidents Reagan and Bush and help President Trump begin his administration with tax cuts for everyone, and less money in Washington,” Paul said Monday in an op-ed on Breitbart. 

Paul’s comments come as Trump and congressional Republicans have made tax reform a top priority for 2017.

House Republicans are working on a tax-reform bill that is intended to be revenue neutral after accounting for economic growth. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has also said that he would prefer tax reform to be revenue neutral.

But Paul said that revenue-neutral tax reform is problematic because “it means that some people will pay less, but some people will pay more and government will still be the same enormous beast it was before we started the process.”

“I like to tell people, no one has ever knocked a door or made a phone call because they were excited about ‘revenue neutral’ tax reform,” he said.

The senator, who had sought the GOP presidential nomination, said he liked that Trump “ran on a big, bold tax plan, that cut taxes for every American, and it was NOT revenue neutral.”

Paul said that he recently met with Trump’s choice for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, and believes that Mnuchin and Trump “understand the need to cut taxes for everyone and to jump start growth again.” 

He also said that “the most successful Republican Presidents (and a few Democrats) led off their agendas with tax cuts, to send money back and to try to get government to live with a little less.” Paul specifically praised tax cuts from Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, saying they stimulated the economy. 


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