House Republicans call on IRS to cease continued targeting


Republicans charged the IRS was still targeting Tea Party groups earlier this month, citing a portion of an interview congressional investigators conducted with an IRS agent. In the interview, the agent said that a Tea Party group applied for tax exemption and when the application arrived at his desk, he would send it on for secondary screening for potential political activities.

The agent said the IRS was now treating potentially political applications in this fashion, after the IRS scrapped the "Be On the Look Out" list that was central to the original controversy over how the IRS processed Tea Party tax-exempt applications.

Democrats quickly rebutted claims that the Tea Party alone was still receiving special scrutiny, releasing more of the transcript they claimed showed that all potentially political groups were being sent for further screening "out of an abundance of caution."

Democrats accused Republicans of selectively choosing from the interview to keep the spotlight on the IRS ongoing.