White House vows veto for piecemeal GOP spending measures

The White House on Wednesday renewed its vow to block the piecemeal funding approach pushed by House Republicans.

In a statement of administration policy, the White House called that approach "not a serious or responsible way to run the U.S. government," promising that the president would veto the measures the House is considering if they were to reach his desk.

"Instead of opening up a few government functions, the House of Representatives should re-open all of the government," the administration stated. "The harmful impacts of a shutdown extend across Government, affecting services that are critical to small businesses, women, children, seniors, and others across the nation." 


The House is set to consider five spending bills Wednesday that would fund various portions of the federal government impacted by the government shutdown. Among the areas that would be funded include several that have entered the shutdown spotlight, such as national parks, veterans benefits and the National Institutes of Health.

GOP leaders brought up several of the measures Tuesday evening under suspension, meaning they needed to receive two-thirds support from the chamber to pass. Most Democrats opposed the measures and they failed, leading Republicans to bring up the bills in the typical fashion requiring only majority support Wednesday.

Senate Democrats have also said they would oppose the piecemeal funding approach.