House Democrats urge consideration of immigration reform

While the bill isn't expected to get a vote in the House, it is highlighting a hot topic that has largely been set aside because of foreign crises and fiscal battles since the Senate passed their version of a bill in June. 

The House measure removes a controversial border-security surge provision added toward the end of the debate in the Senate and replaces it with a Republican measure authored by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (R-Texas).

"While we build a common sense immigration system to allow millions of aspiring Americans to become citizens a priority, we must also ensure that changes to our legal immigration laws provide access to a just system with fair wages and fundamental rights for all workers — those already in our country as well as those who come to work in the future,” they wrote.

They argue that any comprehensive package must include reasonable limits on the future flow of immigrant workers, require employers to recruit U.S. workers before immigrants, protect against abusive labor recruiter arrangements and provide recourse for workers to fight violations of labor and employment laws.

"Many of these components have been supported by both business and labor in the Senate’s immigration reform legislation and reflect the future economic needs of business and workers," they wrote. 

"We respectfully request that any proposal moved to the House floor include these principles or that the process provide the opportunity for these issues to be considered through amendments."