Trump: 'I don't like the term "border adjustment"'

Trump: 'I don't like the term "border adjustment"'
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President Trump criticized the term "border adjustment" in an interview that aired on Fox Business Network Wednesday, but didn't give a clear answer about what he thought about House Speaker Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanFormer Sen. Bob Dole dies at 98 No time for the timid: The dual threats of progressives and Trump Juan Williams: Pelosi shows her power MORE's (R-Wis.) tax reform plan, which hinges on a border adjustment.

The president's remarks come as the Trump administration is working with GOP lawmakers on a massive tax reform plan. House Republicans released their own tax plan last year that includes a border-adjustment proposal, which would tax imports and exempt exports.

But the idea is unpopular with GOP senators, and the White House has not yet taken a definitive stance on it.

When Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo asked the president if he's made a decision on the border-adjustment proposal, Trump said, "I haven't really wanted to talk about it. I have my own feelings." He added he isn't a fan of the word "adjustment."


"I don't like the word adjustment, because our country gets taken advantage of, to use a nice term, by every other country in the world," Trump said. "So when I hear border adjustment, adjustment means we lose. We lose. So I don't like the term border adjustment."

Trump said he preferred terms such as "reciprocal tax," "matching tax" and "mirror tax." He expressed an interest in a tax on imports but also said that's not necessarily what he's going to do.

Trump said it's not fair that U.S.-made products are subject to high taxes in other countries, but foreign-made products aren't taxed in the U.S.

"I love the idea of reciprocal," he said. "You can call it a reciprocal or a matching tax or a mirror tax. There are numerous terms."

He added that people can't get upset about something called a "reciprocal tax" like they can about something called a "border tax."

"When you say reciprocal tax, nobody can get angry. Even the other countries, if like — if they're charging you a 50 percent tax, you say, OK, whatever you charge, we're charging."

Trump also said in the interview with Bartiromo that he still wants to address healthcare before tax reform, and that he didn't want to put a deadline on tax reform.