Freedom Caucus backs GOP tax plan


The conservative House Freedom Caucus is endorsing the Republican framework for tax reform, giving a jolt of momentum to the plan.

The caucus announced in a Tweet that they would support the proposal, though no full statement has yet been released. 

The Freedom Caucus had been the final obstacle to the House passing a new budget resolution. Members of the group said they needed more details about the tax reform plan before supporting it.

The budget is crucial for Republicans because it will unlock a special process allowing them to pass a tax bill through the Senate with a simple majority.

With the caucus now satisfied, the budget could go to the floor as soon as next week. The Senate Budget Committee is planning to mark up its own version of the document. 

The House and Senate, however will still need to find a compromise on their budget resolutions, so that they provide the same framework for tax reform. 

And the Freedom Caucus has already begun laying out more specific demands for the final legislation. 

On Tuesday, caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said he would not vote for a final tax bill if the corporate rate rises above 20 percent. That is the rate proposed in the framework.

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