Group launches ad to promote GOP tax framework

Group launches ad to promote GOP tax framework
© Greg Nash

A group aligned with House GOP leadership on Monday rolled out a digital ad to promote the tax-reform framework released last week by the White House and Congressional Republicans.

The ad from the American Action Network features economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum and a former economic adviser to President George W. Bush. Holtz-Eakin highlights several aspects of the GOP tax framework, including its larger standard deduction, expanded child tax credit and lower taxes for small businesses.


"The promise of the framework to working families is: you’re going to pay less in taxes," Holtz-Eakin says in the ad. "But the bigger promise is: you’re going to pay less in taxes out of a bigger paycheck."

The group said it is spending six figures on the ad campaign, which will run on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube in 42 congressional districts. The districts being targeted include those held by Republicans on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus and GOP lawmakers who are vulnerable in the midterm elections.

American Action Network is one of several conservative groups that have come out in favor of Republicans' tax-reform framework. The group has spent millions of dollars promoting an overhaul of the tax code that includes cuts for families and small businesses.

“For too long, middle-class families have been living paycheck-to-paycheck, and have struggled to make ends meet,” American Action Network Executive Director Corry Bliss said in a news release. “It’s time for working families to see tax cuts that will give them peace of mind and help them save for the future. That’s exactly what the tax reform plan released by the White House and congressional leaders will do.”

Republicans intend to use their framework as a guideline for the congressional committees that are drafting tax legislation. They hope to pass a tax bill by the end of the year.

Democrats and liberal groups have been pushing back against the framework, arguing that it will result in tax cuts for the wealthy. A liberal group called Not One Penny ran an ad on The New York Times's website on Sunday arguing that the framework amounts to a tax cut for "millionaires and billionaires."