Here are the highest and lowest gas prices in the US today

Gas prices
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A woman pumps gas at a Sunoco mini-mart in Independence, Ohio, on Tuesday, July 12, 2022. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Skyrocketing gas prices have led to pain at the pump for many Americans, but the national average has been ticking down in recent days.

After briefly surpassing $5 a gallon, the national average cost for a gallon of gas clocked in at $4.52 as of Monday, according to AAA.

But prices vary widely between states, with the average cost ranging between $4.02 and $5.90 depending on where you live. 

Here are the states with the highest and lowest gas prices as of Monday.



California has consistently reported the highest average gas prices, clocking in at $5.90 as of Monday, according to AAA.

A state gas tax hike took effect on July 1, increasing prices by roughly 3 cents per gallon.

The state’s leaders have looked to give inflation relief to residents by providing most residents with hundreds of dollars in rebates set to go out in the coming months.


A gallon of gas in Hawaii cost an average of $5.60 on Monday.

The state’s governor signed into law a bill that subsidizes residents’ e-bike purchases.

The new law will offer $500 or 20 percent of the cost of an e-bike for residents who are either enrolled in school, don’t own a registered vehicle or qualify for low-income assistance, according to Hawaii News Now.

“Strong holiday travel demand from continued increased tourism in the state is likely the reason that gas prices continue to be high in Hawaii,” Liane Sumida, AAA Hawaii’s general manager, said in a statement earlier this month.


The average gas price in Alaska clocked in at $5.35 per gallon on Monday, according to AAA.

Some of the highest prices in the state are around Fairbanks, the state’s second-largest city, and the Kenai Peninsula, according to GasBuddy.


Gas prices in the Beaver State are the fourth highest in the United States as of Monday at $5.28 per gallon.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) said late last month she was skeptical about ending the state’s gas tax to curb high prices, KTVL reported.

“With gas prices having jumped by several dollars per gallon over the last several months, it’s unlikely that Oregonians would see significant savings at the pump under this latest proposal,” she told the outlet.

Marie Dodds, public affairs director at AAA Oregon-Idaho, said in a statement earlier this month that the recent lower crude oil prices were providing some relief at Oregon pumps. 

“The drop in price is driving lower pump prices, even with a rise in demand seen ahead of the robust July 4th travel period,” she said.


The Silver State joins the other Western states in leading the list of highest gas prices, clocking in at $5.26 on Monday, according to AAA.

Even if Congress passed President Biden’s request to suspend the federal gas tax holiday, Nevada wouldn’t automatically benefit.

Under state law, an elimination of the federal gas tax would trigger an equivalent increase in the state’s tax.


South Carolina

South Carolina had the lowest average gas price as of Monday at $4.02 a gallon, according to AAA.

Under a plan that began in 2017, the state’s gas tax increased by 5 cents every July through this year. So on July 1, the state’s gas tax increased to $0.28 per gallon.


Texans are also seeing some of the lowest gas prices in the country, with the average gallon of gas costing $4.03 as of Monday.

The state is expecting a $26.9 billion budget surplus, in part because of increased tax revenue from higher inflation, leading Lt. Gov Dan Patrick (R) last week to call for the suspension of the state gas tax for the remainder of 2022.

“Every member of the Texas Senate will have ideas on how this additional revenue should be spent and I will give them full consideration,” he said in a statement. “However, I believe, first and foremost, any surplus should first go back to the taxpayers of Texas.”


At roughly 1 cent higher than Texas, Georgia clocked in as having the third-lowest gas prices in the country on Monday, with a gallon costing $4.04.

State gas taxes in Georgia have been suspended since March, and Gov. Brian Kemp (R) most recently extended the pause through Aug. 13 as high prices continue.

“In March, I took decisive action to help those impacted by high prices at the pump,” Kemp said earlier this month as he granted the most recent extension. 

“Unfortunately, President Biden and Democratic leaders have not done their part to tackle this issue, instead calling on Americans facing record-high inflation to live more frugally,” he said.


Gas prices in the Magnolia State fell to an average of $4.04 per gallon on Monday.

Despite lower gas prices compared to much of the rest of the country, Mississippi residents still spend a higher proportion of their incomes on gas than most, according to a new study.

Based on gas price data from June 20, a study by SmartAsset found that Mississippi ranked second for the measure, with residents spending an average of 4.82 percent of their income on gas.


Louisiana gas prices clocked in on average at $4.08 on Monday, according to AAA.

Prices peaked in the state at $4.56 on June 15 and have since consistently fallen.

In the last week alone, gas prices in Louisiana have fallen nearly 15 cents, according to AAA.

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