Record-low percentage of Americans cites economy as top concern: Gallup

Record-low percentage of Americans cites economy as top concern: Gallup
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A record-low number of Americans currently sees the economy as the top issue facing the United States, according to a new poll.

A Gallup poll published Monday found that 12 percent of respondents currently cite an aspect of the economy as the most important issue facing the U.S., down 17 percent from last month and slightly below the previous low of 13 percent recorded in May 1999. 


The low number of those who view the economy as the top problem facing the U.S. matches the country's overall positive attitude about the economy. According to Gallup, 55 percent of those polled say the economy is getting better, one of the highest marks since 2004. Additionally, 64 percent think now is a good time to find a quality job, a near-record high. 

Instead of the economy, more respondents are concerned with the nation's government and leadership, with 29 percent citing dissatisfaction with the government as the top issue facing the nation. That mark is near the all-time high of 33 percent, which was recorded in October 2013 — when the government was shut down over a spending bill.

Concern with government is a bipartisan issue, with 38 percent of Democrats in the sample and 28 percent of Republicans mentioning it as a concern, the poll found.

The poll, based on interviews with a random sample of 1,035 adults conducted from Sept. 4-12, has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.