Morgan Stanley tells staff they must provide proof of vaccination

Morgan Stanley tells staff they must provide proof of vaccination

American investment bank Morgan Stanley is telling its staff it must provide proof of vaccination to enter buildings and return to the office.

The internal memo says documentation must be provided by Oct. 1 as the confirmation is meant to “provide greater comfort for those working in the office,” Bloomberg reported.

The company not set a deadline for all employees to go back to the office due to cases recently rising from the delta variant, the company said.


“In the coming weeks, we will continue to evaluate the best and safest way to get the majority of our employees working in the office, recognizing that this step may take longer than we originally anticipated,” the memo said.

Before, employees only had to say they were vaccinated and did not have to provide proof of it. 

The company says 95 percent of its New York employees have claimed they are fully vaccinated along with 90 percent of the company’s overall employees, according to Bloomberg.

Employees were told in June they would not be allowed into the New York offices if they were not vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Many companies have added vaccine and mask requirements since the delta variant has caused cases and hospitalization rates to rise across the country.