House Appropriations details GOP cuts

The government is operating at roughly 2010 levels now under the terms of a continuing resolution that expires March 4.

Defense will be allowed to rise by $9.5 billion, or 2 percent, under the Rogers allocations. The appropriations subcommittee overseeing transportation and housing will have to make due with 17 percent less, while the departments of Commerce and Justice will see a 16 percent cut. Agriculture spending, including for the Food and Drug Administration, will see a 14 percent cut.

The legislative branch, which already saw a cut this year, would get 2 percent less to spend, while the State Department and Labor, Health and Human Services and Education departments would get 4 percent cuts each.

In total, non-security discretionary spending is to be brought down by $43 billion, or 9 percent compared to 2010 levels.

When compared to what Obama had wanted for 2011 funding, non-security spending would be $58 billion, or 12 percent less. Looked at compared to what Obama had been seeking in his 2011 budget request, State Department funding is being cut 17 percent, while Transportation and Housing is getting 18 percent less.

“With this CR, we will respond to the millions of Americans who have called on this Congress to rein in spending and help our economy grow and our businesses create jobs. It is my intention — and that of my Committee — to craft a responsible, judicious CR that will significantly reduce government spending, begin to get our nation’s finances in order so that the economy can thrive, and provide essential resources for our national security,” Rogers said in a statement.

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