Cantor says GOP will allow unlimited amendments to 2011 funding resolution

It was unclear how many amendments would be offered to the measure, which attempts to make good on the promise, made in the “Pledge to America,” to cut $100 billion from discretionary spending this year.

“Every member will have an opportunity to submit his or her vision of how we can reduce the deficit, and we will see that process take place throughout the entire week,” Cantor said at a briefing with reporters in his Capitol office on Monday afternoon.

“This is an open process. I think I’m correct in stating that never has there been a continuing resolution that anyone can find that was brought up to the floor under a process such as this,” Cantor explained.

The Rules Committee is set to meet at 5 p.m. on Monday to consider a “modified open rule” that will provide for an “orderly” process to govern the floor debate for the remainder of the week.

House GOP leaders would like to have a vote on the entire bill on Thursday. The House is scheduled to be recessed next week.


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