Report: Nation's metro areas grew in the fourth quarter

A report released by The Brookings Institution shows that the nation's top 100 metropolitan areas registered growth in output during the fourth quarter of 2009, an increase of 19 areas in the second quarter and 89 in the third quarter. 

While 28 metro areas had recovered from their pre-recession levels of output in the fourth quarter, McAllen, Texas, is the only area that has regained its pre-recession employment and output levels, adding 0.7 percent jobs through the end of 2009. Washington, D.C. never lost output during the past five years. 

The report examines employment, unemployment, output, home prices and foreclosure rates for the nation's largest areas. 

But large cities still struggled to record job gains, although there were steady increases during the year from only six reporting growth in the second quarter to 20 in the last part of the the year. Those cities ranged from Albuquerque to Washington, D.C., Oklahoma City, Okla., Toledo, Ohio and Fresno, Calif. Job growth in any one quarter didn't translate into continued growth throughout the year. 

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