Grassley blasts two of Obama's recess appointments

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) criticized President Obama for including two nominees in his recess appointments. 

Grassley is the ranking member on Senate Finance, the committee charged with vetting potential nominees.  

He contends Obama's decision interrupted the vetting of Jeffrey Goldstein for Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at Treasury and Alan Bersin for border protection commissioner at the Department of Homeland Security. 

Goldstein was being examined for his part in creating blocker transactions, a legal yet highly suspect type of tax shelter, and earning carried interest for the role.

Alan Bersin was being scrutinized for submitting conflicting information on various household employees.

"In both cases, this due diligence was directly relevant to the positions these nominees will hold," Grassley said in prepared remarks. "Now that the vetting process has been interrupted, these individuals will take their jobs without the public knowing whether they have experience that bears negatively (or positively) on their ability to serve the taxpayers."

Obama on Saturday made 15 recess appointments and cited Republican resistance as the chief reason for why he made them when Congress was away.