Budget deficit about $800 billion, unlikely to hit projected levels

In April, receipts were down by $20 billion than last year as nonwithheld individual income tax receipts declined as refunds rose by $11 billion, or 19 percent over last year. The increase in refunds occurred in part because there were five Fridays in April 2009, and most refunds are reported on Fridays, the report said. 

But those declines were partly offset by higher revenues from other sources including a $6 billion increase in withheld income and payroll taxes, compared with last April. 

Corporate receipts also were up to $8 billion, including $5 billion in gross receipts from corporations' first quarter tax payments and a decline in refunds of about $3 billion. 

Outlays were $44 billion higher in April this year, partly because $25 billion payments were shifted because May 1 fell on a Saturday. Defense spending was up $4 billion and $3 billion for education in April.