Unions: Extenders bill should hit House floor Wednesday

The House is expected to vote on a $200 billion extenders bill on Wednesday, one interest group said Tuesday. 

"Word from Capitol Hill is that tomorrow is the day lawmakers will get a chance to prove they are for creating jobs," a tweet from the AFL-CIO said today. 

While unions have been pushing the measure as a jobs package, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spoken out against the measure, arguing it would increase taxes and stifle job creation. 

House Democratic lawmakers were shoring up votes Tuesday afternoon as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) gave the measure a thumbs-up today, releasing some of the pressure on House lawmakers to commit to the measure, according to a spokesman for the AFL-CIO.

The list of Democrats who are undecided or opposing the measure has been shrinking over the past couple of days, the union spokesman said. 

The House Rules Committee could take up the measure later today, teeing it up for floor action Wednesday. That would put it in the hands of the Senate, which could work through the weekend to finish the bill and send it to President Barack Obama before the Memorial Day recess, slated to begin at the end of the week.