Democrats applaud move to put Tubman on $20 bill

Democrats applaud move to put Tubman on $20 bill

Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday applauded reports that the Treasury Department would replace former President Andrew Jackson with abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.


The move, expected to be officially announced this afternoon, is a long-awaited victory for activists pushing for female representation on United States currency.

Democrats on Twitter praised the early news, initially reported by Politico.

Treasury initially planned to put a woman on the $10 bill, which currently features Alexander Hamilton, the first Treasury secretary and protagonist of the Broadway smash hit “Hamilton.”

Fans of the play spoke out in support of Hamilton while critics, activists and politicians suggested keeping him on the $10 bill and instead replacing Jackson, who opposed paper currency and forcibly removed thousands of Native Americans from their homes, on the $20 bill.