House aiming to pass budget next week

House aiming to pass budget next week
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The House is hoping to pass its budget resolution for 2018 next week, pending a Wednesday whip count.
Black, who is running for governor of Tennessee, said that she had spoken to over 200 members of her caucus over the August recess to bring them around, "just helping them to understand because there's a lot of confusion with the budget."
The budget resolution that passed committee in July may not have much bearing on the final spending deal for 2018. 
Despite the lack of a budget, the House already passed four spending bills in July, and is moving toward passing the remaining eight this week, beginning debate on amendments for the "minibus" on Wednesday afternoon.
The Senate has not passed a budget resolution in committee and is working off a different set of spending figures than the House. It continued working on appropriations bills in subcommittees Wednesday and is expected to mark them up in the full committee Thursday.
But the real spending figures will be negotiated with Democrats, whose support is needed to pass a deal in the Senate.
On Wednesday, Congressional Democrats said they struck a deal with President Trump to fund the government for three months, while also postponing the debt-ceiling increase deadline and funding disaster recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey.